Working together on conflicting issues


Untangling your thoughts with the aid of a mentor


We had a very interesting meeting this month that threw us a few curve balls in how this group works and how we need to be aware of each others responsibilities not just to the group but to the communities we represent. All sounds very intense but really it was a thought provoking and productive meeting that ending with us feeling even more motivated. So to go to the beginning, an informal discussion came about regarding the laws being considered in Florida, Kentucky and Texas in relation to transgender issues and how we would react if our state decided to consider the same sort of actions.  The resulting discussion was highly interesting in that while most felt it would not be a consideration here and would not support it on an individual basis; as representatives of our religious communities there might be conflict between our  individual thoughts and those of the people we represent.

The discussion moved onto how to resolve this form of conflict; no definitive answers were reached but the importance of interaction by ourselves with other representatives of our own religious and social groups was emphasized.  All agreed it could be too easy for a individual to forget who or what he is representing when in conflict with our own personal viewpoints. The outcome to this was that we decided each individual would pursue a mentor that was not part of our group. The role of the mentor to balance the needs of the community and personal issues in regards to how we as individuals respond to the issues we are facing. All members are to consider who they would take as a mentor and bring it back to the group at our next meeting, from the group a formal letter will be sent to the persons being considered requesting their assistance in a mentorship role.  This is an exciting development for our group any thoughts or considerations please contact us below.

As always, if you have an issue you want to be discussed please comment below.

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