what is religion

Hello there, the group have decided that this blog will be shared out between some of the members for them to write guest blogs so to speak. This is my first attempt so please bear with me. I thought it might be an opportune time to actually discuss what is religion, what we mean by it and how it applies to each individual.

This post is my introduction and if invited back to write I intend to develop it more; I would be very interested to hear your views and thoughts on this. If we want to know what is religion, the dictionary is the last place we would want to look. This is because the meaning given in a dictionary will invariably be that “it is a set of beliefs, rituals and practices”. That is not exactly what is meant by religion. To know what is religion we need to delve deeper. If we want to explain this complex thing in simple words, it is the way of communicating with god. Yes religion is the way to communicate with god, via the prayers. Nobody knows whether the prayers actually reach God, but we pray right.

Every religion of the world invariably works on the same principle to be able to communicate with God. Over a period of time this basic concept takes the form of rituals and practices. In fact rituals and practices are also ways to make your word reach God. Is it not?

Yes indeed, because religion is nothing but communicating with God. Religion is very personal as we have found out. It should be left with the person how he/she communicates with the almighty. But this is what is not allowed by most organised religions. Let us pledge to make this happen.

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