Home Schooling Policy

home schoolingWhat is your opinion on the home schooling  policy that allowed  a Virginian school district the right to question homeschool children and their parents about their religious beliefs?

The concern that was being reported was that parents felt it inappropriate and unconsionable that children would in fact be facing what amounts to an interrogation combined be a school board on their beliefs, an action that would be totally inappropriate and unsettling for both child and parent.  Our concern is slightly different in that the policy appears to  only applied to Christian homeschool teenagers. Now while that might seem Des to be a postitive thing for different religious beliefs, it shows clearly that the policy makers lack of awareness of the religious diversity in our Commonwealth. If the concern is that children are not getting adequate religious instruction that surely that applies to all religions. That this cheap jerseys poicy is against state law seems again to suggest policy makers are sometimes unaware of their remit.  

State Law allows children undergoing  religious training  to be taught at home without having to defend their beliefs. And that is what we wish to see continued as long as the schooling is adequate and that is monitored then interference by school boards into the religious education is not acceptable.  In cheap NFL jerseys this article Ny it as quoted that the ??????????????????????? policy was really to check if homeschool children actually wanted to be homeschooled. Why could they have not just cheap jerseys asked? Why only consider Christian home school children if they think children are being coerced into home school? The policy has been provisionally repealed by the Goochland school board, you probabley wholesale nfl jerseys read in the news but that repeal will be voted on at an in camera meeting of the local school board involved, so the outcome is still undecided. Virginia has excellent religious liberty statutes and to see them threatend in this way is very distressing and raising concern about what might wholesale NFL jerseys come next.  Let us know your opinions on this policy and how it has been implmented and what you would like to see happen.


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