Reduced Confidence in Charities




Well interesting meeting! We were discussing our agenda for the year and who is remaining in the group and who is leaving. Only one of the team would be leaving due to leaving the area for work but he had already told us and brought in someone he thought could take his place. The lady is a lay preacher and from what we saw a very passionate speaker – meetings are going to get more interesting! One of the decisions on the table was charitable donations. We have some fund raisers through the year and the odd donation came in last year so we all agreed on the charity we would donate to thinking it better to make the decision for the year rather than every time we had some funds. Last year we had all agreed on Breast Cancer. Then the shock in May ’15 when the FTC -Federal Trade Confederation along with the Attorney General brought action against 4 Breast Cancer Charities. They had been investigated before and according to the FTC the donations that were suppose to be intended for cancer sufferers and research that in fact only 3% got to them and the other 97% funded expenses paid trips for chief executives and other personal use. Now 2 of those charities are being dissolved. Now that is in the hands of the law but the ramifications are widespread, the confidence in our charities being badly damaged even for such a small group such as ours. We had a lively discussion on how to decide on which charity was legitimate, how do we know? One of the member had already been thinking about it and he brought in some information he had researched, the outcome being a sub group was formed of which I am one, to look into some of the charities we have been thinking about and bring a protocol together for us for the future and one which is intended for us to share with other relevant parties. I thought the information would be of a value to others so I intend to share some on here. We also were also given notice even though it is our second year that we are getting requests for assistance which is not what we are about, so we need to explore how we present ourselves. I personally feel our fund raising grew more out of events planned to bring us together as a group rather than actual fundraising per se  but they evolved into that without a lot of thought on our part and as such my view is we need to avoid going down that route again. I am not alone with this as a group we are about 50-50 so got my work to cut out to break that stalemate. What do others think?

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As one Year Ends Another One Starts

 A Quote on moving forward using the lessons on the past to assist and guide.


Well what do you think 2016 will be like? I have been reflecting on the past year, sat here with my coffee and some very nice cake musing on what to write. We have taken a three week break over the holidays next meeting 11/02/16 so not  a lot to feedback.  I am not a resolution making typing of person but I do like to reflect over the year and see what has been good and what has not; finding personal growth that I need to take with me into the new year or abandon as not helpful.

These holidays have been richer by the inclusion of the new friends I have made through the group, who over the past year have shared their culture and themselves with me and whom I have invited to our home to share our Christmas festivities. It has been wonderful, seeing my kids and theirs play together without doubts and fears – other than the normal kids bickering! The adults just enjoying each others company in a comfortable simplicity that is missing in the world today I think.

My mind wanders to the refuges across the world at this traditional time of peace, are there lives any better this year than last. I would hope so but in reality I do not think so. The closing of nations doors to these people in desperate need is the panic reaction of  a frightened populace or their political representatives. Whichever way you look at it we are not only letting these people down we are letting ourselves down. Our nation is so many layers, each one fighting the other and too many people sitting on fences. I know about that because I have sat on one, in fact just got off it to back the responsible gun laws. This year has seen far too many tragedies brought about by the ownership and use of guns. We are suppose to be a civilised nation, leaders in the world but I am sorry to say I do not see that. In fact I am more inclined to support the view of the writers of The Newsroom and  Will McAvoy’s statement on America not being the greatest nation. I love America and want to see it at its best but we need to take a long hard look at ourselves and stop being afraid to change and adapt. So my wish for the New Year of 2016 is to finally have people actually listening to what is being said and done, not just hearing it but listening to it fully, querying maybe not agreeing but actually really listening and then hopefully understanding and positive change will follow.

All the best to you and your families for 2016 lets make things happen this year rather than letting them happen to us.

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