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When will something be done about the spiralling violence?


Gun Buy Back to remove the weapons from circulation

The craziness continues, another mass shooting and so many dead or injured, not too mention the shock reverberating around America, or is it? Are we becoming immune to the trauma, is all the political debate just posturing? Are we as American citizens actually going to do something other than go around in circles and lose sight of the original discussion, are all the debates just rhetoric? I am afraid the last seems to be the political way forward. Obama opens some doors a crack but nothing is happening. Why is nothing happening? What is the hold up? Just for those who can’t remember how many incidents we have had re mass shootings take a look here. Scary

I listened to an Australian comedian explain it, I was actually speechless after listening to it, it actually made sense!! I found the video via Vox but be warned there is some bad language in it. I had not even looked out of the US for anything re guns, never entered my head but have been reading about the Australian gun law. In brief; after a mass shooting of 35 people dead and 23 wounded in Tasmania in 1996, the newly elected government led by Prime Minister John Howard enacted gun control measures. At the heart of the incentive was a huge buyback of more than 600,000 semi-automatic shotguns and rifles, or about one-fifth of all firearms in circulation in Australia. The country’s new gun laws

  • prohibited private sales.
  • required that all weapons be individually registered to their owner.
  •  required that gun buyers present a “genuine reason” for needing each weapon at the time of the purchase. (Self-defense did not count.)

Now this weeping gun reform did have support of around 90% of the Australian people, this was shown by public polls and relating that to our country I cannot realistically see that amount of support being given. Alhtough I am totally in favour of us trying. Australian has not had a mass shooting since the 1996 one. I am not saying Australia does not have its violent crime, or that gun related crimes have totally disappeared but the fact remains there has been no mass killings. Surely something worth taking on board. I know we are not Australians but seeing as how we cannot find the answer oursleves maybe we should swallow some pride and look at what others have done and learn from them? Educating ourselves won’t kill us but the guns surely are!!! I also know Gun Buy Back is not a new idea and has been used in the US before but it needs to come from government with support from all states or we will get no where or just continue in this spiralling violence.

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