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Becoming a more cohesive group.

My last post talked a little about how personal feelings can affect our judgements and how that in turn affects the group and the work we are trying to do.  The decision to look for mentors was well received when it was first discussed but not as easy to implement as we thought.  Questions have been raised on the integrity of the group, if issues are discussed with third parties, issues of trust and confidentiality also were raised.  Obviously this needs some consideration, as a group we have decided to hold off on the idea of individual mentors. A substantial discussion took place around this issue and we felt a consensus that we did actually deal with issues within the group itself and that process was maybe not fully recognised. Obviously the matter of faith and its conflict needs to be decided at a personal level, by whatever means that person deems fit. As representatives of our individual communities it is again a personal responsibility to keep our fingers on the pulse of the said community. It was felt we already have good connections with our religious and community leaders, as that is how the group evolved in the first place, we just have to ensure this continues.


JFK Challenge launched by the JFK Presidential Library

This whole exercise was a learning experience in how we run the group, and certainly we expect to have to deal with contentious  items that may cause disagreement but we are now more than ever positive we can work together to achieve a consensus. We have decided as with any other group the more we do together the more cohesive we will become. To that end, next week as a group we will be visiting the JFK Presidential Library, in February 2015 the JFK challenge was initiated by the library to encourage our children to learn more about American History and asks them by playing via an app, to become trainees in the Peace Corp or NASA,  being prepared to “Fly to the moon or help people around the world.”  I for one will be very interested in learning more about this challenge and how it is progressing and what if any part religious aspects are addressed. This video explains a little more about the challenge.

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