Holidays and Gun Laws


Fabulous photo of Baxter State Park taken from

Not my photo, something I aspire to take!


Hi there, hope everyone has been having a good summer. The group has taken a break over this month but meeting again in September. Although not officially meeting does not mean we have not spent time together, my family and I with 3 other members and their families have all have take a vacation together for two weeks. During that time a couple of other members and families came up for the weekend.  It was a very relaxed and interesting vacation. We all took a camping trip up to Maine. I love camping but not been to Baxter State park before, thoroughly recommend it for all age groups, took some great hikes and had some time to spend on trying out a new hobby – photography! Happily for me we where also away from the hunters – not something I personally am keen on. I also do not like my children to be within reach of firearms.

In fact fire arms, gun laws and our views on them where a topic of much debate around our evening ‘campfires’ so to speak! You know how it is; a group of people get together and something becomes the ‘hot’ topic for the  trip.  I guess for us it was an inevitable discussion, as it is on our agenda for September to discuss the groups input into the “sensible gun law” debates. Given the recent shootings at Virginia Beach not to mention all the other appalling shooting incidents this year, this is a subject as a group we cannot ignore. Not that I am indicating we want to but as such a sensitive and potentially volatile subject I guess we have been finding our feet, so to speak as a group before getting too involved.

From the evening casual discussions (although did get heated a couple of times) we are in for some very interesting debates.  Please let us know you views, we represent you and as I keep stressing your input is essential to ensure we are doing this correctly.


Photo from baxter State park Maine same source  -

Fabulous picture – look at those colours



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