Donald Trump, Where is He Leading Us?

Donald Trump - Not my Main Man!

Like the majority of Americans, I am watching our presidential race with interest or should I say bated breath? It is beginning to be a one horse race with the majority of any reportage focussing on Donald Trump. Love him or hate him he is not only the candidate. I recently read an article stating that a star condemns Donald Trump for his anti Muslim stance, but no article is completely bias free, and unfortunately there was no counter argument, there never seems to be when the reference is Donald Trump. I do not want to be overly political but concerns do abound in our group about what would happen if he wins – would we even have a role in our democracy? To another highly contentious subject and one those following us lately are familiar with, our gun laws. The horrendous loss of life this month, the racism and hate that accompanied it makes us all question what can be done, what is being done? I read a quote by a country and western singer saying that gun surrender was not effective, that terrorists and criminals would not surrender their guns. Of course they won’t – what a ridiculous comment! We have to start somewhere and using the deaths of these people for political platforming to undermine Obama is shameful. ( I am not going to go into Donald Trump’s reaction – he has had enough of my time and space today!) Whatever your views on the gun laws, we surely must all agree, we need to stop the infighting and work towards a solution, so no more parents, families and friends are subjected to the loss of loved ones. Show the world, who have demonstrated their sympathy and support, that we can do something about this.

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Same Sex Divorce: Do the Same Rules Apply?

Same Sex Divorce

When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriages, the country took a huge step forward toward true equality for same sex couples. But is it the same for same sex divorce, and are divorce rules the same for all? If we have marriage equality, then we should also have divorce equality. The Supreme Court’s ruling has really made a lot of progress in that regard. Before that, if a couple moved to a state where their same sex marriage wasn’t recognized, they couldn’t get a divorce in that state. But now the rules for same sex divorce are more aligned with the rules for opposite sex divorce. Of course we are not condoning divorce in any way, especially if there are children involved – in that case it is especially important that a couple go see their faith-based counselor. But sometimes divorce is the very last resort for a couple who don’t see any other options. And in this case, it should not matter if the couple is gay or straight: the rules should be same for all.

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