There is no such thing as peace unlimited, internal struggle makes us stronger!

Peace unlimited - does it exist_

World leaders are having to show composure as they try to steer their governments through the turmoil we are seeing in the world today. They have to show this composure as leaders because, how they respond to massive pressure is indicative of whether they are true leaders or not. There is no such thing as peace unlimited in the world, but the composure of a president or prime minister can be reflected in their attitude and overall presence. But having said that, Even the world’s political leaders have had emotional turmoil as they try to make their people feel safe in a world gone mad with political radicals running amok. Rather than panic, these governmental leaders begin to look at ways to unite their country in times of adversity. Peace unlimited may still be a far way off, but we should all be looking at ways to understand each other, whether Christian, Muslim or Jewish. Our fears come from the fact that we simply don’t understand the thinking of other people and their beliefs, and that we should all be trying to be more tolerant of each others. We should all join in with the lyrics of Hal David and sing ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love’ and more so the part that says ‘not just for some but for everyone’.

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