Latest shootings should implore us to have prison camps for the shooters

Latest shootings: A prison camp for the shooters

I feel like it’s become so common to have shootings in America that people don’t even pay attention anymore. For example, the latest shootings, which took place in regular places, were by really crazy people who were kind of “normal.” I mean, they weren’t terrorists or teens, just average people. I think it’s a huge problem in society that these people aren’t condemned more harshly. These people should be publicly shamed, and not just sent off to jail or whatever. Can’t we come up with some creative ways other than the death penalty to make sure these kinds of people think twice about something before they do it? My suggestion would be that the punishment for public shootings, like the latest shootings, be something like a lifetime of hard labor in a real prison camp. Even if that prison camp ends up having just one inmate, I bet others wouldn’t want to kill anybody if they knew how hopeless their lives would become.

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