Church growth

Church growth is vital to the new churches that have recently been established, as well as to the established churches that want to remain relevant. It is not easy to obtain, but with patience and humility it is possible. Just like natural growth, church growth is gradual and progressive. One of the most effective ways of obtaining this growth is by establishing stronger bonds and relationships with members of the congregation. They need to feel at home, and should anything bad happen to them, the church should be the first to offer condolences and support. This is one way to retain your members and acquire new ones as well. Another avenue that churches can exploit for growth is social media. In this digital age, a post on social media is likely to be viewed by a lot of people. The church should therefore be active on social media so as to attain growth. Outreach is important as well. This should be targeted at areas in which the church has few followers.

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