After the San Bernardino Shootings we must advocate for stricter gun control measures

Hi there and I hope all of you have had a good Thanksgiving. We certainly did and I planned to write about it today but events seemed to have overtaken that. It just does not seem appropriate to ignore what again is happening, another shooting, 14 killed and no one really knows why. There is speculation of course, there is ISIS, problems the couple might have had, to be honest at this moment the whys do not really bother me. Its the fact yet again someone has taken a gun and shot a innocent group of people. Not acceptable!

Our group met today and the the agenda went out the window as the discussion on guns flew around the table. As a group we are getting to know our fellow members. We have made great strides in trying to cross cultures and understand each other. We have strengths and weaknesses, not all of them evident but in this we agreed we will support the action for more control over guns.

This is a huge decision for us, and one we have to take back to our communities, some of whom are still divided over this issue. Protecting ourselves with guns is not working, access to guns is too easy and the attitude that violence is the answer or solution to a problem is escalating. In a smaller scale we reflect the bigger picture, we have been reflecting about what our contribution into this arena should be and we erred on the side of prevaricating. Something our politicians are very good at. There is a strong group of folk who defend the right to own guns, to keep their liberty. What is liberty in a society that is turning a blind eye to its own spiralling destruction. I shared a commentary on gun violence that I found by Mike Joseph Stern who writes for the Slate. In it he questions what is the price we pay for liberty and that it is time to reevaluate. That people need to take action, make a stance. Full circle back to our group deciding not to decide in an attempt to not commit. That changed to today, for us this was decision time.

So now we have made the decision we want to see more control over guns where do we go next with it? Who do we talk to? Who do we communicate with?  How do we help initiate these changes? We were a little stumped here, due in part I think to the emotional discussion that preceded the decision making, actually making a plan of action seemed anti climatic. Some discussion followed but will be picked up again at our next meeting; one idea floated, was to hold a community meeting to open out the discussion and our decision. I really do not know if it is the right time or not. What do others think, help us to represent you by sharing some of your thoughts and feelings.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the shootings in San Bernardino.

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